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QuickBooks and POS import now available!! Payment Reminders for you or your clients Cover letter creator If you have any questions, we want to hear them. We look forward to your emails! We wanted to be the ones to tell you about this breakthrough because we love it when we can share good news! Since most state will require mandatory e-filing of tax returns, your organization can take advantage of this efile movement with our company (420efiletaxes.com) which is positioned perfectly to minimize your burden of filing your business taxes. All Cannabis Companies that collect taxes must report it to the state or IRS. The process of filing tax returns can be cumbersome, error-prone and time-consuming. With this system, taxpayers’ login to a secure web portal, enter just a few pieces of information and the system calculates and validates the entire form according to current state tax laws and requirements. We keep your business compliant! There are hundreds of validations built-in to the software, which are the result of many years of constant development and improvement Currently, it integrates with QuickBooks accounting software, so company financials can be imported directly into the system reducing manual input errors. The input of data can also be automated and integrated with other accounting and financial software. The system is easy to use for Cannabis companies of any size from a small retailer up to a large corporation. CPAs and Tax Professionals also like the service for filing their client’s tax returns because of its powerful features and ability to file returns very quickly. Software is built with web-based technologies and runs in a standard browser, for a user-friendly environment Login and file securely from anywhere using a PC, Mac, or even Linux. Seasonality Filing of sales tax depends on each state applicable laws and the frequency of filing required by that state and some case specific to a particular business establishment. Some businesses are required to file monthly, some quarterly, some semi-annually and others annually. ************************************* www.420efiletaxes.com Seeking letters of intent from likely investors, total investment amount should be about $500,000 We will efile or paper file Marijuana taxes at 420efiletaxes.com Investor needed for Internet Marijuana taxes Company in Growth Launch Stage 420efiletaxes.com My Company is seeking Investor/Partner for a Growth Stage Internet Business program that is primed to expand rapidly in a 3 Billion Dollar Industry. The project is proven and works in United States and Canada. We need $50,000.00 for Oregon web site first (OR) project and there are (8) more to be develop to do next. It needs to be programmed and launched. Currently seeking Investor(s) to help us grow, scale and market the system. Serious inquiries only. Thank you for your time.

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